What are the fees for a criminal defense lawyer?
Our fees are generally cheaper than other premier firms. Our fees are always clear and never change. We allow payment plans to fit your budget. Details about the charges you are facing will dictate the cost. 

Shouldn't I hire a big firm with multiple attorneys?
Our firm is small by design. The most common complaint about attorneys is that they are not accessible.  We do not have that issue.  Your case will only be handled by Brandon Shroy and his Office Manager Clary Bryan - you will never be put on hold or passed to another person while seeking information about your case. Larger firms' attorneys share work and "cover" for each other, which means you have more lawyers but they know less about your case.

How do I find the best defense attorney for my case? has a sample list of questions that you may find instructive.  You need to meet a potential attorney before you make a decision—that’s why we are always accessible for free consultation.  We take pride in the easily-searched reviews of clients who have been through the entire process with us from beginning to end. 

What are the qualifications for a defense attorney?
Any lawyer can take criminal and traffic cases--you want an attorney who only practices criminal / traffic law. Case results, customer satisfaction, the number of years in practice, and a search on the Supreme Court of Ohio site are smart ways to research attorneys before retaining one.  




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