Sex offenses

Columbus lawyer Brandon Shroy has a history of successful defense against sexual assault allegations


Sex offenses are being reported with increasing frequency as attitudes regarding sexual norms and what constitutes consent changes, and law enforcement agencies have dedicated more time and resources to their investigation and prosecution. Such charges carry an especially harsh stigma.

A guilty finding to a sex offense in Ohio results in a mandatory period of “reporting” as a sex offender.  Ohio law has three different tiers of reporting:  
Tier I reporting:  15 years of sex offense registration with annual reporting to the sheriff’s department
Tier II reporting:  25 years of sex offense registration with reporting every 6 months to the sheriff’s department
Tier III reporting:  Lifetime registration as a sex offender with reporting every 3 months to the sheriff’s department

Reporting as a sex offender is public record which is often posted online by the local sheriff's department and is searchable through the U.S. Department of Justice. Sexual misconduct allegations are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you have an attorney experienced in defense against allegations of sexual misconduct. Contact Ohio attorney Brandon Shroy today. 


Case Result: Charges Dismissed

"A client was 19, and was arrested for a Rape allegation carrying the possibility of 3-11 years in prison.  After negotiation and collecting statements from witnesses, the prosecuting attorney agreed to drop the charge which will soon be sealed from public view."

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