Case outcomes


Result: Dismissal

Brandon's client had been charged with domestic violence and assault, and ordered out of their residence by the arraigning Judge. After two court dates, Brandon got the charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. 

Result: Reduction

Facing charges of Trafficking in Heroin and Corrupting Another with Drugs, and having an offer of 7 years in prison, the Defendant's family retained Brandon. With careful case review, Brandon was unable to find proper legal justification for aspects of the indictment and was ready to go to trial on the case. At the last minute, the Prosecutor provided Brandon and his client a fairer offer and at the end of the day, his client went home on probation. 

Result: Dismissal

Police arrested an individual who had defended himself with a baseball bat in the midst of a fight, and went on to retain Brandon. Upon further investigation and witnesses interviews, Brandon negotiated a disorderly conduct with no fines or probation. Brandon's client was able to return to school and his record is now sealed. 

Result: Reduction

Brandon's client was facing high level felonies of Corrupting Another with Drugs, where conviction could have resulted in 16 years in prison. After months of negotiation and trial preparation, both charges were dropped.

Result: Dismissal

Charged with assault and theft in a notoriously strict county, Brandon's client was facing 30 days in jail. Brandon was able to negotiate her into diversion, and she will be able to apply for her record to be sealed upon completion of diversion. 

Result: No Charges

A client was 19, and had been arrested for a Rape allegation carrying the possibility of 3-11 years in prison. After negotiation and collecting statements from witnesses, Brandon persuaded the prosecuting attorney to drop the charge. 


Result: Dismissal

Unable to get a good plea bargain for his client, who was charged with aggravated burglary, Brandon took the case to trial. The jury found his client not guilty, and he was cleared of all charges. 



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