Defense Attorney Brandon Shroy aggressively defends Domestic Violence allegations

Domestic Violence is defined by Ohio law as an act of violence against a family or household member. Domestic Violence at its lowest level is a misdemeanor, but it can be enhanced up to a felony level offense based on the circumstances.

Domestic Violence allegations are often based on an injury and the statement of one person. Special interest groups have kept pressure on law enforcement and the legislature. Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Brandon Shroy knows that every story has two sides. Make sure yours is heard by an attorney strong enough to represent your interests. 

Brandon has successfully prosecuted and defended Domestic Violence allegations in and around central Ohio and can bring over a decade of experience to your case to secure the best possible outcome. 




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Domestic violence cases open with a warrant.


 A client was charged with Domestic Violence and Assault, arrested, and ordered out of their residence by a Temporary Protection Order issued by the arraigning Judge. After two court dates, Brandon got the charges dropped due to insufficient evidence and the client returned home.


Who is a family or household member under Ohio Law?

  • If you reside or have resided with a spouse, a person living as a spouse, or a former spouse;

  • A parent, a foster parent, or a child of the respondent, or another person related by consanguinity or affinity to the respondent;

  • A parent or a child of a spouse, person living as a spouse, or former spouse of the respondent, or another person related by consanguinity or affinity to a spouse, person living as a spouse, or former spouse of the respondent;

  • The natural parent of any child of whom the respondent is the other natural parent or is the putative other natural parent.

Does Domestic Violence mean there will always be a protection order while my case is pending?
No - but they are common upon the filing of a Domestic Violence charge. Violating a protection order is a misdemeanor of the first degree and often leads to incarceration. Domestic Violence allegations qualify for a Civil Protection Order (CPO). A link is attached here to give a better understanding of what a CPO means. 

Will a Domestic Violence allegation against me mean I will not be able to go home?
In most cases, yes. Under §2903.213, a Judge can, at arraignment, issue a protection order if they believe the safety of the alleged victim is compromised. The alleged victim does not have to request this in order for it to occur - it is up to the Judge. A defense attorney can revisit this order so that a defendant can return home. 

Can I possess a firearm with a domestic violence violence charge?   
Many jobs will not allow employees to continue work while a case is pending. Even an allegation of Domestic Violence often results in removal from one's home. Prosecuting attorneys help people get protection orders and have an informational website to assist them. Click here to see what the United States Department of Justice says about individuals convicted of domestic violence possessing firearms.

How do prosecutors help with protection orders?
Domestic Violence reports to law enforcement are met with vigorous investigation with the deck stacked toward prosecuting attorneys. This normally means police entering your home, and immediate arrest if there is physical evidence that matches the story of the report. Columbus has prosecuting attorneys who specialize in domestic violence and stalking prosecution.  They offer resources regarding what to expect outside and inside of court and will assist in obtaining protection orders free of charge. Your only resource for this information will be your defense attorney.


Domestic Violence - knowingly or recklessly causing physical harm; threatening a family or household member with physical force. The severity of the offense and injury is what decides whether it is filed as a misdemeanor or a felony.


Brandon Shroy has spent more than a decade defending and winning Domestic Violence cases in Central Ohio.

As your attorney, Brandon Shroy will utilize his extensive criminal defense experience and leverage his reputation as an aggressive litigator to fight on your behalf and deliver the best possible outcome.

Brandon practices in all Central Ohio courts including the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the Courts of Common Pleas, Municipal courts and Mayor's courts.


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