Franklin County Jail

Information about the Franklin County Jail located in Columbus, Ohio. 
The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office maintains FCCCI and FCCCII near downtown Columbus. Get information on persons held in custody and how to help get them out of Franklin County and other Central Ohio jails. 


If you are trying to help a person in custody at either of Franklin County's two jails, you need to address the following issues:

  • Where is the person in custody?
  • Why is the person in custody?
    • Franklin County misdemeanor search here:
    • Franklin County felony search here
  • Can you post a bond to have them released?
  • How do you post a bond?
    • Franklin County bond schedule here

Franklin County Corrections Center I (FCCCI)

370 S. Front Street Columbus, OH 43215
614-525-3368 (Phone)
614-525-4327 (Fax)
614-525-3465 (Phone – Medical Issues)
614-525-4027 (Phone – Commissary)
614- 525-3383 (Phone – Visitation)

Known as the "main jail," FCCCI is located off South Front Street inside of the Franklin County Government Center which also houses government offices and Courtrooms.

Franklin County Corrections Center II (FCCCII)

2460 Jackson Pike Columbus, OH 43223
614-525-7100 (Phone)
614-525-7620 (fax)
614-525-7615 (Phone – Medical Issues)
614-525-7133 (Phone – Commissary)
614-525-7131 (Phone – Visitation)

Known as “Jackson Pike,” or "the Workhouse," FCCCII is easily visible from interstate 71 South of downtown.

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