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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office maintains Franklin County Corrections Center I and Franklin County Corrections Center II near downtown Columbus, Ohio. Read below to get an understanding about persons held in custody and how to help get them out of Franklin County and other Central Ohio jails. The best defense begins with a defense lawyer fighting your case before you ever go to court. 

Franklin County Corrections Center I (FCCCI)

370 S. Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215
614-525-3368 (Phone)
614-525-4327 (Fax)

Known as the "main jail," FCCCI is located off South Front Street inside of the Franklin County Government Center which also houses government offices and Courtrooms.

Franklin County Corrections Center II (FCCCII)

2460 Jackson Pike Columbus, OH 43223
614-525-7100 (Phone)
614-525-7620 (fax)

Known as “Jackson Pike,” or "the Workhouse," FCCCII is easily visible from interstate 71 South of downtown.


Where is the person in custody?
You can access the court’s online public records site to find out what the charge is that has caused a warrant to be issued for the defendant. Use the buttons on this page to search facilities.

Why is the person in custody?
Franklin County Municipal misdemeanor/felony search here
Franklin County Common Pleas felony search here

If you are unable to find a case online in the Franklin County Court system, it is possible the case has not yet been filed or that the warrant originates from another county or even another state.

Can you post a bond to have them released (and do you need a bail bondsman?)
It depends on the situation - make sure you are not spending more than you have to by speaking to an attorney before you post a bond.

How do you post a bond?
Bond money must be posted for arrests at 375 S. High St.-2nd floor at the Clerk's Office unless the warrant is from elsewhere.

When are bond hearings scheduled?
Click here for the Franklin County default bond schedule.


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