Ohio expungement law for felonies expands

Ohio now allows the expungement of up to 5 felonies under a new law which goes into effect on October 29, 2018. Ohio continues to use the same expungement applications and forms but now allows for greatly expanded access to people with up to 5 felonies on their records.        

How long does it take to get your record expunged?

To qualify under the new law applicants have a waiting period that becomes longer based on the number of convictions. 

If there is one felony conviction the waiting period is 3 years.

If there are two felony convictions the waiting period is 4 years.

If there are three, four, or five felony convictions the waiting period is 5 years.

(Misdemeanors continue to be eligible after one year)

How long does it take to get your record expunged in Ohio?

An expungement takes about 6 weeks in Ohio. The fee for this application is $50 by Ohio law. The case is set on the docket in front of a judge who makes the final determination.

What felonies can be expunged in Ohio?

Crimes of violence and felony sex offenses are not eligible for expungement.  Higher level felonies including felonies of the first, second, and third degree are not eligible for expungement.

Read the new Ohio law below: