Domestic Violence

Can a Protection Order be dropped?

Protection orders can be dropped, cancelled or amended in much the same way that they are initiated. The protected party may not have even asked for a protection order in which case the court issued the order on its own.  It is important to know what kind of a protection order has your name on it. Different courts issue these orders and even in the same county they are often issued out of separate courtrooms

Once you understand what type of order was issued against you it is important to talk to a criminal attorney who can help you “troubleshoot” all the issues these orders can create. We see 3rd parties (acting on your behalf) get new warrants issued against friends all the time. The order may also have a “next court date” already scheduled which allows you and your attorney to appear and attempt to have the temporary order denied.

What happens if you ignore the protection order?

How does the order get issued in the first place?

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