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The Office of Student Conduct at a university handles discipline in a quasi-judicial setting. It is the process by which allegations that a student has violated the Code of Student Conduct are resolved. Students are entitled to have an advisor with them through this process.  Criminal Charges may also arise from the same incidents. Contact Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Brandon Shroy to retain comprehensive legal representation for all legal issues that may arise.  

Because our office is situated in downtown Columbus, Ohio, we will use the Ohio State Student Conduct Process as our focus but the concepts are the same at all universities and we have represented students all over the State of Ohio.

expulsion avoided

Brandon's client was facing Student Conduct for sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and underage drinking. After a panel hearing, the student was found not responsible of all three charges and fully reinstated to the university.


STEP ONE: A complaint is filed.
Students are notified of a complaint initially by an e-mail sent to a student's ".edu" e-mail address (which allows the school to verify exactly when a student receives notice of the complaint).  The "complaint" is the allegation of misconduct and it is filed by law enforcement, another student, or a University Employee such as an RA.

When the complaint is filed the Office of Student Conduct can make initial orders such as a "stay away" from a person or removal from a campus dorm or the entire Campus area.  Although the student is not found in violation yet these orders feel like punishments and can be extremely disruptive to normal campus life.  

It is important to understand that this is a university process that may run simultaneously with a criminal investigation and possible criminal charges.  

STEP TWO: The University conducts an investigation.
After receipt of a complaint the Office of Student Conduct will begin an investigation.  This process can last many months while interviews of possible witnesses are conducted and reports/summaries are generated. This part of the process is crucial, as you are on the record any time you speak to the University. Your understanding of the process and possible consequences will be tested at this stage.  

All universities will require you to submit a FERPA form (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).  This form needs to be completed before a "process advisor" can participate in your investigation.

STEP THREE: Charges are filed.

If after their investigation the hearing officer believes a charge is appropriate, you will be formally "accused" of violating the Student Code of Conduct. Refer to the OSU Code of Conduct to understand the basis of the charges.

STEP FOUR: You either accept the charges or request a hearing.
If / when charges are filed you will be e-mailed a form requesting you make one of three options:

  1. Accept the charges and move to "sanctions". This is similar to entering a "guilty plea".

  2. Deny the charges and request an administrative hearing. This hearing is in front of one hearing officer. This hearing officer will make a finding of "responsible" or "not responsible" to all allegations.

  3. Deny the charges and request a panel hearing. This panel will make a finding of "responsible" or "not responsible" to all allegations.


Brandon Shroy has spent more than a decade defending and winning student conduct cases in Central Ohio.

As your attorney, Brandon Shroy will utilize his extensive criminal defense experience and leverage his reputation as an aggressive litigator to fight on your behalf and deliver the best possible outcome.

Brandon practices in all Central Ohio courts including the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the Courts of Common Pleas, Municipal courts and Mayor's courts.


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