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Defense Lawyer Brandon Shroy aggressively defends against Murder allegations

Murder is defined as the taking of life under Ohio law. It is an unclassified felony and carries the most severe punishments allowed in the United States.

Murder carries penalties ranging from 15 years to life in prison upon a finding of guilt, depending on whether it is premeditated murder with “prior calculation and design” or intentional but unplanned. If you are being investigated or charged with murder you need immediate legal attention.

Allegations of Murder lead to life-altering consequences and demand immediate attention to prevent or reduce incarceration, the inability to own or possess a firearm, and the stigma that follows the most serious felony conviction under Ohio law. 

Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer Brandon Shroy has been successfully fighting to protect the rights of Ohio's citizens for 12 years in and around Franklin County. Let him use his experience to get you the best possible outcome. 

frequently asked questions about MURDER in ohio

What is the penalty for Murder in Ohio?
It depends on what degree the Murder is. 2nd degree Murder carries 15 years to life in prison, but this is elevated to 30 years to life in prison without parole if the victim was under 13 or if the crime was sexually motivated. 1st degree Murder carries a penalty of life in prison to the death penalty.

Can you get the death penalty if the charge is below Aggravated Murder?
No, you cannot. Aggravated Murder cases that are eligible for the death penalty include a legal specification that allows the death penalty to be considered. Without this specification, the death penalty is not an option. The death penalty is only included aggravated murder cases.

What is the difference between the different levels of Murder?
Aggravated Murder is an allegation of murder with “prior calculation and design”. It is Murder that was intentional, preplanned and carried out with malicious intent. It is the type of Murder seen on your average crime drama television show.
Murder is intentional but not preplanned.
Manslaughter is either not preplanned or intentional. It does not carry Murder penalties. Please click here for information on Manslaughter charges.


Murder (2nd Degree) - intentionally causing the death of another or causing the death of another while committing a felony. Penalties include 15 years to life in prison. If the murder involves sexual motivation or a victim under the age of 13, the penalties are increased to 30 years to life in prison.

Aggravated Murder (1st Degree) - intentionally causing the death of another with prior planning and malicious intent. Penalties include life in prison to capital punishment.


Brandon Shroy has spent years defending and winning Murder cases in Central Ohio.

As your attorney, Brandon Shroy will utilize his extensive criminal defense experience and leverage his reputation as an aggressive litigator to fight on your behalf and deliver the best possible outcome.

Brandon practices in all Central Ohio courts including the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the Courts of Common Pleas, Municipal courts and Mayor's courts.


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