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Defense Lawyer Brandon Shroy aggressively defends Drug Abuse and Possession allegations

Drug offenses range from low level misdemeanors to high level felonies. All drug offenses carry a stigma that makes employment and housing more difficult.

Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer Brandon Shroy is a former drug court prosecutor and is experienced at navigating the ever-changing dynamics between punishment and rehabilitation in the courts. Let him help you avoid jail and prison, and defeat addiction, so you can get back to life.


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frequently asked questions about drug Offenses|Drug Charges in Ohio

What rehabilitation programs are available through Franklin County courts?
Possession of drugs besides marijuana are almost exclusively charged as felonies. Depending on the details, the charges may be eligible for drug court through the Franklin County Municipal Court, run by Judge Cindi Morehart. The program is geared toward rehabilitation. Group and individual counseling with regular drug screens are meant to keep participants accountable (jail is possible but is generally minimal) while emphasizing the participants' wellbeing. Upon successful completion of the program, many criminal charges are dismissed.

What if my drug charge is in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court?
An option in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court is Treatment is Essential to Success (TIES). TIES is intensive probation held in Judge Stephen McIntosh's courtroom 4B in the Common Pleas Court. Participants have close contact with Judge McIntosh and a team of professionals working toward recovery. 

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  • For more information about Judge Stephen McIntosh, click here.

Can I get the benefit of a drug treatment program if I prefer to use my own counsellor?
Felony drug charges may be eligible for the Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (ILC) program. An intervening plea allows for less rigid framework than drug courts. Those wishing to be considered for ILC in Franklin County must file a motion requesting to be screened for eligibility. ILC is at least one year long. Upon successful completion of ILC, the pending charges are dismissed. Not all drug charges are eligible. 

Can I lose student loans because of a drug allegation?
Under Ohio law, even the lowest level drug charges can result in the loss of your driver's license and financial penalties. Felony level drug offenses carry mandatory prison time, huge fines, and a stigma that makes it difficult to get jobs and places to live. The Office of the U.S Department of Education offers more information on this subject.

Is drug intervention possible instead of prison?
Yes. There is increasing awareness that addiction is a disease and that threatening to imprison people with addictions does not change behavior in the ways intended. Intervention programs, rehabilitation, and intensive drug courts keep people out of prison and on the road to reclaiming their lives. Many families have already attempted intervention by the time a defendant is exposed to the criminal justice system. Pending criminal drug charges open up eligibility to treatment that is court-ordered yet still geared toward rehabilitation. Click here to see what the Ohio Revised Code has to say about Intervention in Lieu of Conviction.

DRUG OFFENSE|Drug Charge categories IN OHIO

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (MM) - any equipment used in the production or ingestion of marijuana. This is the lowest level misdemeanor, called a minor misdemeanor.

Possession of Marijuana (MM - F2) - depending on the amount of marijuana found in the defendant’s possession, this charge ranges from a minor misdemeanor to a felony of the 2nd degree (one degree shy of the highest level felony). 

Corrupting Another with Drugs (F2) - By force, threat, or deception administering a controlled substance to another.

Cultivation of Marijuana (MM - F2) - knowingly cultivating marijuana or knowingly manufacturing/ helping to manufacture marijuana. Ranges from a minor misdemeanor to a felony of the 2nd degree depending on the amount of marijuana being cultivated. 

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Brandon Shroy has spent more than a decade defending and winning drug offense | drug charge cases in Central Ohio.

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