Delaware county jail - information from a columbus criminal defense attorney

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office maintains the jail in Delaware, Ohio. The questions below as outlined by defense attorney Brandon Shroy help you understand criminal charges and how to help people in the Delaware County Jail.

Delaware County Jail

844 U.S. 42 North
Delaware, Ohio 43015
740-833-2840 (Phone)

IF YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP A PERSON IN CUSTODY at the Delaware County Jail, you need to address the following issues:

Why is the person in custody?
You can access the court’s online public records site to find out what the charge is that has caused a warrant to be issued for the defendant.

Delaware County misdemeanor search here:
Delaware County felony search

If you are unable to find a case online in the Delaware Court system, it is possible the case has not yet been filed or that the warrant originates from another county or even another state.

Can a bond be posted to have them released (and do you need a bail bondsman)?
It depends on the situation. Make sure you are not spending more than you have to by speaking to an attorney before you post a bond.

How do you post a bond?
Bond money must be posted for arrests at the clerk’s office of the courthouse where the warrant originated.

Delaware County Municipal Court here:
Delaware County Common Pleas




Please include your full name, the charge(s) you are facing, and the county in which you are due in court.


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