What is the Violent Offender Database?

What is the Violent Offender Database in Ohio?

Ohio lawmakers created a Violent Offender Database in March of 2019. The database currently requires felons with convictions for the following offenses to register with the County Sheriff:

Aggravated Murder


Voluntary Manslaughter


Abduction F-2 (Not F-3)

Frequently asked questions about the Violent Offender Database:

What if my felony charge occurred before March 20, 2019?
Ohio requires anyone convicted after March 20, 2019 to register for the violent offender database, but it also requires persons convicted before March 20, 2019 who are still in jail or prison to register. This means even if you were not on the registry before you pled guilty to a designated charge you may end up being ordered to register.

What do I have to do to register for the Violent Offender Database?
Offenders are required to register with the County Sheriff for the County in which they live. The have a duty to re-enroll periodically and a duty to provide notice of a change of address.

Is it possible to fight an order to register on the Violent Offender Database?
Yes. A motion must be filed with the court where the conviction occurred and it is possible to fight the registration requirement. This motion is time sensitive and the ability to fight registration may expire. 

How long do I have to register on the Violent Offender Database in Ohio?
10 years of registration is the standard period of registration however in some circumstances a prosecuting attorney can move to extend the registration period indefinitely.