Drug Bust in Hilliard

A Columbus man named Alex Davidson was arrested on Friday, April 13 following the execution of a search warrant at his Hilliard home residence, and charged with Possession of Drugs - Schedule I or II Substance, a felony of the third degree. Due to the nature of his charges, Mr. Davidson's case was filed in Franklin County as opposed to the Hilliard Mayor's Court.

Initially arraigned in the Franklin County Municipal Court, Mr. Davidson will see his charges through to conclusion in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, and be assigned a felony prosecutor and felony judge. A number of felony cases in Franklin County go first through the Municipal Court, and are dismissed for either "future" or "direct" indictment at a preliminary hearing. If dismissed for future indictment, the prosecutor's office has up to 6 years to refile the charge in Common Pleas Court. If dismissed for direct indictment, the Defendant can expect to receive a summons to court or a warrant within a few weeks of their preliminary hearing in Municipal Court. 

It is common for a felony drug charge to be dismissed for "future indictment," as the controlled substances seized for evidence must be tested and verified, but cases can be accelerated through the filing process depending on the seriousness of the offense. 

Mr. Davidson will be facing a mandatory minimum of 18 months in prison and should seek experienced counsel immediately to begin constructing the best defense possible.